Monday, January 24, 2011

The last couple weeks at a glance....

We've had quite a bit going on the past two weekends. This past weekend Phillips parents and his daughter came up for a visit. We had a surprise party for his grandmas 70th birthday. We also celebrated his birthday and his uncles birthday. We got to meet his brothers new girlfriend and her two kids....his parents get a kick out of how big their family is getting and how fast it's getting there!

We were able to share some exciting news with his side of the family!

That's right everyone! We are having a baby!!

Leilani playing with her daddy-o.
The weekend was a blast!

Chloe, Leilani and Chloes friend Kaylan playing dress-up in my summer dresses.

The weekend before, my parents were here for a visit. I feel so lucky that we are close enough our families can drive up for a weekend trip. Unfortunately I didn;t take any pictures when they were here...I know! I suck!!

In the midst of all this excitement, I am exhausted, cranky, completely exhausted and overwhelmed with thoughts of a new baby coming into our lives....We feel so blessed to be given this gift. As Phillip calls it, our "love child"! I love this man!!

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Scott said...

Precious pictures--you are blessed!