Thursday, August 02, 2007


I sit here this morning at the table with the kids eating a breakfast that consists of half a bagel each, six strawberries, a hard-boiled egg and an extra large glass of yeah, my kids are like pigs or something. When Chloe asks me
"Mama, how did the egg crack?"
"What do you mean?"
She then holds the egg up with a very serious look and repeats (gesturing with said egg)
"How did this egg crack?"
"Well, do you mean how did it crack in the pot? Or when I peeled it? Or maybe you mean through the white to get to the yolk..?"
To which she says
"Uh huh."
I am once again left to ponder the question, what in the hell is she talking about? That pretty much seems to be the theme around here these days. She talks incessantly about things which only half make sense, not because of her lack of vocabulary, but because she gets so ahead of herself in her mind that she stutters through most words in her sentences. It takes her FOREVER to get out a question sometimes and by the time she's done, I've forgotten exactly what we were talking about. Very confusing and I'm trying to get her to slow down some and concentrate on what she wants to say. She may need some speech therapy at some point but I'm hoping this is just a phase and her speaking skills will catch up to her racing mind. And then there's Jack.....who IS saying something and I CAN understand some of it. If I listen really close. He also talks incessantly. It's actually really funny to see them trying to talk over each other.

Cuteness abounds here at Casa de la Petit Dictators. Cuteness and know the crazy kind.

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