Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Said No, and I Mean IT!

So, why is it that I cannot say no. I mean I do say it, but no one seems to hear it. That's actually like not saying it. If it goes unheard was it ever said? My children ignore it even if I scream it at the top of my lungs. I mean, I know they hear it but they ignore the fact that I'm saying it. Does that mean it wasn't said? Come on! Somebody listen to me around here! I'm a person too you know! Or am I?

Okay, case in point. Last night, I was tired. Beat down, having my period, cramping, got ran over by kids all day tired. Said to the Mr. "I'm exhausted. I've been cramping all day, feeling like shit. The kids were good but they are still kids so I'm freakin exhausted. I'm taking a bath and reading a book and going to sleep." He's all like, "okay baby, let me know if I can anything for you." He then proceeds to stay up for a while and when he comes to bed, it's with an enormous hard-on. Strips off his pants and hops in bed, scooting up really close to me trying to rub it on me! "Um.....did you hear the part about bleeding? And TIRED! Get that thing away from me!" "But your legs are so sexy and you're wearing those super hot polka dot panties. I can't help it." "Well I'm sorry I'm so smokin hot. You still are not getting any ass tonight. Move to your side of the bed and leave me the fuck alone." "But baby...." "No." "But baby..." "No." "But baby I..." "I said no motherfucker and if you but baby me one more fucking time you will be sleeping on the couch for a fucking week. You are seriously starting to fucking irritate me, NOW GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" Do you think he got the point? Noooo, of course not. He continued to pester me until he got bored and fell asleep trying to hump my leg.

See what I mean?


Real Life in South Carolina said...

*sigh* If only men could have periods. Just once and they'd think they were dying. But they'd understand and there would be no more leg humping!

mackeydoodle said...

They just don't get it, do they:)
Stopped by from The Smoochies blog.

kevin said...