Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Talks that make Thursdays Thirsty

And it goes a liitle something like this:

C: "Mom, what color is the sky?"

Me: "Blue"

C: "No it's not mommy, it's green!"

Me: "Ok, C, it can be green if you want it to be."

C: "No, mommy, it's blue"

Me: "Ok, C, it's blue you're right"

C: "Oh mom, look! It's a bird!"

Me: "Oh how cool! I see the bird, C"

C: "Mom, that's not a bird. It's a duck!"

Me: "Are you sure, C? It looks like a bird to me."

C: "Nope, it's a duck."

Me: "Ok, it's a duck."

C: "No it's not mom, it's a BIRD."

Me: "What ever C, I think you just like to argue with me."

C: "Yes I do."

She has been doing this since 6a.m. so for the sake of my sanity:

Me: "C, could you please not talk for a few minutes?."

C: "Ok"

30 seconds (maybe) passes and she says:

C: "Mommy, I'm being sos so very quiet. Do you see me being so so very quiet?"

Me: "No C, I see the road because I'm driving but I hear you not being so so very quiet."

C: "Now I'm being so so very quiet. I'm not talking at all anymore."

Me: "Oh, if you're not talking, why do I still hear you?"

C: "Mom, I'm being so QUIET! Don't you see me being so so very quiet?"


Shut the hell up already!!!

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