Friday, September 29, 2006

The Beauty of a Little Sleep

Ahhh...the sweet relief of a full night's sleep. Little Man slept through the night. Yes folks, all the way through the night. This kid is almost 7 months old and has yet to sleep all the way through a night for me. He has done so with his dad a few times but never for me. I guess he knows I'm a sucka and will never fail to get him up and give him a bottle. But alas, last night I changed up our schedule a little bit and TADA! a sleep filled night with wonderful, uninterupted dreams. I have been dead set for him to go to bed at 7pm so I can have an hour of one on one time with Princess Priss before she hits the sack (or at least I try to get her to go to sleep) at 8pm so mommy can have, well, me time. Yesterday, when the kids up from daycare, Little Man hadn't had a good nap since 2 so he was very tired and grumpy when we got home. I gave him some milky milk and put him down for a short power nap. 30 minutes later he up and ready to go. I stuck with the usual 5pm dinner and bottle but when we were getting ready to sit down to eat he was back at his high chair grunting and trying to get in it, so I sat him in it and fed him 2 whole jars of fruit. 2 jars, that's right. My boy is a PIG. They were both in bed by 8pm and he was asleep by 8:30 while unbeknownst to me, Princess Priss was chewing on some black market, hijacked out of mommy's purse gum that ended up in her beautiful ass-length hair....fabulous. Anyways, slight schedule change+ more food before bed=full nights sleep. Must do this everyday now. Fuck that 7pm bedtime. I need sleep people.

Onto other news. Princess Priss turns 3 tomorrow. Wow. Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday we were walking, walking, walking to get her out of my body. I was a stuffed sausage ready to explode and felt like aliens were growing inside of me, squishing my organs and going to pop out of my abdomen at any given moment. The moment I saw her face and got to hold her still slippery body in my arms was the one most defining moment in my life. That moment changed my life forever. Love took on a whole new meaning for me and I took off on a journey to a land I knew absolutely nothing about and haven't looked back since. (except maybe to sigh at that wonderful flat tummy and perky boobs I would never truly have again.) Princess Priss has been an amazing companion these last 3 years. With me every step of the way. We have grown up together, she has helped me grow up. (I'm going to attempt writing a post tomorrow to celebrate her entrance into this world and the 3 years she's been here. We'll see how it goes...)

My camara is busted so no new pictures and I'm sad about that because they are both changing so much and I'd like to share some photos with you guys. Hopefully it will be fixed by her party Sunday.....

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