Monday, January 31, 2011

A List of Things To Make Me Smile

because I deserve to smile today dammit. And because my hormones need to be reminded that the emotions that cause smiling and laughter are ok too...

1) My beds super soft roundness and fluff that swallows me every time I lay down.

2) The sweet sound of Jacks laugh when I give him dozens of air kisses.

3) Chloe singing made up songs all day every day.

4) Coffee in the morning

5) The smell of Phillips skin

6) Being able to smell Phillips skin in the sheets of my fluffy bed hours after he has gotten up.

7) Coffee in the afternoon.

8) Talking to my mom everyday.

9) M&M's

10) Chocolate in general.

11) Most especially chocolate in my coffee.

12) Snuggling with my favorite people.

13) Movies on rainy days.




Ms. Smoochy said...

Most especially chocolate in MY coffee!!! ;-)

Scott said...

I'm with Ms. Smoochy--chocolate in my coffee! I always drink my coffee black--but sometimes I cheat a little by putting a couple Lindt lindor truffles in my mouth just before drinking my coffee!

Good list--reminds us it's the littlest things that make us smile most!