Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yes I Am

The title to this post has absolutely nothing to do with the body. I just wanted to say that....

It's so fucking hot here! It's too hot to do much of anything outdoors so we're stuck inside entertaining's even too hot to swim. Bella will only stay out long enough to pee and poop. She won't play outside at all. I've tried taking the kids out to play but after 5 minutes I'm drenched in sweat and in need of another shower. Never mind the hordes of mosquitos that attack like the fucking plague! Bug spray makes my skin burn...I don't really feel comfortable covering my kids in it.

Also, my son may be a sadomasochist. (As my brother so lovingly pointed out this afternoon.) Good for him? I may need help in the coming, oh say, 10-15 years to get through the inevitable broken bones and god only knows what else kind of injuries he will sustain!

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