Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What the fuck?!

I swear I need to change the name of this blog to Danger In the Life of a Two Year Old.

This week, unfortunately, isn't looking much brighter than last week. Another old friend of mine died in a car accident this past Friday. He crashed into a tree and died upon impact. His car exploded and his body was burnt beyond recognition and there wasn't even a casket at the viewing. I grew up with this guy....Known him for almost 20 years. His girlfriend survived the accident somehow but she has 3rd degree burns on most of her body. They are going to be amputating both legs and an arm if they can get her past the other injuries. She has 3 children. His mom and mine have been really great friends for so long....He took me to prom! Man...

Also, to add to Jack's knocked out tooth ( a week ago today), he was pushing his truck around today, slipped and face planted on it. Apparently his tongue was sticking out and he bit down on it, slicing it open very bad. Very deep. There's nothing you can do for mouth injuries like this. No stitches or anything so we have another week or more of a soft diet and I WILL be losing my mind sometime today or tomorrow. FUCK!!!!!

On the brighter side, his gums are healing nicely. The wound on his gum is no longer pussy and we missed having an infection..yay! His other tooth is still a wee bit loose but it is getting tighter so we may not lose it after all.

Baye has been making fun of me for being so over-protective with him. (I always have been because he's always doing some kind of crazy shit, we've just been able to avoid major major wounds until now. ) Telling me shit like "you're gonna have him in a helmut soon!" "relax, Summer! It's gonna be ok!" "Oh no Jack, mom's getting freaked out again!" I told him after this happened today that if he makes any snide remarks to or around me about me being super protective, I am going to knock the living shit out of his face. I mean it. I'm just not one of those freaky ass mom's that wig about every little thing. I usually don't give much merit to boo boos. My usual motto is, "are you bleeding? A bone pertruding? Large knot on your head...dizzy? Faint? Good. You'll live...shake it off."

God, I'm going fucking crazy.


Anth said...

Ugh. That sucks.

Plus why do husbands think it's soooo funny to turn your emotions into complete melodrama?? Like, I'm frustrated about something, and Dh says, "Stop having a nervous breakdown!" It makes me want to drop kick him. Or have an ACTUAL mental breakdown.

Denise F said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. That's terrible!

My boyfriend does the same shit to me! His famous phrase is "chiil out, she's fine!".

Glad to hear Jacks mouth is healing though. Sorry about the new injury. :(

the weirdgirl said...

My MIL would make cracks about "Mommy is being overprotective" in this fucking sing-song voice. And "boys will be boys" when my son was jumping off things like a madman. But NOW that the family is all realizing how strong my son is (he and I are covered in bruises) and that he's showing NO signs of slowing down it's starting to sink in that hello? It's a problem! I'm NOT just being overprotective; I"m trying to get him to understand his surroundings.

SO frustrating!

the weirdgirl said...

I'm also so sorry about your friend. What an awful couple of weeks!

Rebecca said...

Oh my god, Summer...