Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Way too busy...

These past few weeks have been completely out of control busy. There has been so much going on and there doesn't seem to be a time in the near future it will be getting any better.

We're on week 3 of potty training Jack and he's doing awesome! He's having about one minor accident a day, which is so great. (I'm talking about pee pee here) Poop is a different story. I haven't managed to get him to poo in the potty yet and that's fine, I guess. I know the poop takes a bit longer...but damn! Poopy undies are gross!! Much worse than poopy diapers.

He's talking so much now. You can really understand him (at least I can!) and he can really relay to me what he wants from me. It makes things so much easier!

Lil Miss Priss starts school next month! I can't believe she's old enough already...it really does seem like it was just yesterday she was born. Having her has been a true testament to how time truly does fly. She's going to a really amazing school for pre-k but we can't afford for her to continue going there through the 8th grade. By the time she's in 8th the tuition will be close to $10,000/year with all of the other fees. We have J-Dog to think about too and there's just no way we can afford $20,000/year for school so I've been checking into Magnet school programs for her to start next year. I'm amazed at how many programs they offer for elementary age kids. There are a ton to choose from. They even start special programs dedicated to the arts in 1st grade. Special schools. It's pretty cool. If she gets accepted to one of these schools she will be automatically accepted into any middle school magnet program we choose for her and then to any college prep high school she wants to attend. It's a pretty amazing program and the education she could get will be great. She's smart as hell (and I'm not just saying that because she's mine!) and I know she can excel in something like this. Her dad has been pushing me hardcore to put her in private school but he has no interest in shelling out any money for it so this is my compromise. It's a pretty damn good one if you ask me.

I've been trying for well over a year now to figure out a way to help Lil Miss keep her room clean. I don't expect perfection, just some organization. Like a made bed and all dirty clothes in the hamper. My sister-in-law gave me some ideas that sounded great; a big toy box for all toys (I had small containers to organize different toys) and because Lil Miss likes to change clothes umpteen times a day a "worn once pile". Sounds cool, right? So, I got a huge toy box and an extra basket for the worn once clothes. Not so much luck with it. I decided to buy some door beads. She has two rooms attached to one another. Her bedroom and a smaller playroom in the back with a doorway seperating them. I got the beads to hang in the door and give it some seperation. My rule was, the playroom can be as messy as you want...behind the beads. Just keep the toys back there and out of the bedroom. She apparently has waaay too much shit and overflow should be expected. My real request now that I have all but given up hope on a clean room is that she at least get all of her dirty clothes to make it to the hamper. My nw rule is...I will not pick any of her cloths up off the floor. If her clothes aren't in the hamper on laundry day, her clothes don't get washed. She went 3 weeks without her laundry being done. When she realized she had no more clothes, she gathered them up. I told her today was laundry day and she gathered up her cllothes and put them into the laundry room for me....Yay! A fucking victory!!

As for me, I'm going to school, keeping house, teaching Lil Miss how to read and Jack how to shit in the toilet. I've been a busy lady. Whew.


the weirdgirl said...

That is a busy schedule! I hear you about the schools... if we sent our son to private school for elementary it would be cost WAY more than my and my husband's college educations combined. Not that we've made any educational decisions yet; we're still playing a lot of it by ear. And we've still got two years to go.

Feel you on the poopy undies, too. So much worse than diapers!

Angie said...

Wow! You have a lot on your plate, but what is life w/o a little chaos. Bravo on the success of both your little ones. I feel for you on the poopy undies. That is the number one reason I don't use clothe diapers. No thank you. Happy 4th to you and the family!!!

Anth said...

I'm so glad the potty training is going well...I don't even want to THINK about potty training Miss E. It scares the crap out of me. Pardon the pun.

And props on the dirty laundry victory. :)