Friday, December 14, 2007

WalMart Haters of the World, Unite!

One question about this corporation looms largest for me.
How in the hell did it become such a huge, multi-billion dollar corporation with the quality of employees they seem to consistently hire?
Ok...some more questions.
Why do they always only have 2-3 lanes open for a super store FULL of customers?
I have yet to go to one and wait in line less than 10 minutes. Usually the lines are 10 or more people deep with carts full to the brim with groceries. And. And. AND. The cashiers are S L O W.
Like molasses s l o w. Cold molasses. Can I repeat s l o w? Shit!! It is a very trying experience with two kids getting super impatient, screaming at the top of lungs and one that can't really be tied down anymore because she's just too big for the carts and she has to touch every single fucking thing in the crack aisle otherwise known as a checkout lane. Whew!
I hadn't been inside a WalMart for well over a year because of these same complaints but today it was the easiest (not in hindsight) place to stop for a few quick things. I will never ever never ever never ever go back.
That's not even mentioning the people who shop there. One lady stepped on my child and looked at me as if to say wtf? Watch your kid...hey lady. Why don't you watch where the fuck you're going? Another example. We were walking down an aisle big enough for two carts to easily pass one another and Chloe was walking next to the cart. Two women turned into the aisle coming our way so I asked C to walk in front of me and help me push so those nice ladies can go by. They were walking side by side and didn't so much as adjust anything to make the passing happen. They stayed side by side and I had to shove my cart up against a display so we didn't get mowed down. As they passed (of course I can't just keep my mouth shut) I said VERY loudly, THANKS FOR MOVING!! I got a lot of huffing and puffing in return.
This place should be called RudeMart. StoopidMart. CommunistMart.
I'll just call it FuckyouMart.

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Anth said...

When I was in college and therefore poor I shopped at WalMart all the time and didn't have a problem with it. Now I hate it with an undying passion. The three checkers for fifty people in line! The RUDE people who stop sideways blocking an entire aisle and then gaze at you with cow eyes (blank and dumb) when you stop in front of them, frustrated. I HATE that place.

I went there on Saturday for the first time in months. I hated it all over again. But I scored some adorable dresses for Baby E to grow into for $2.50 each. So. There are a few advantages to that dreadful place.