Saturday, September 08, 2007

Recent Pictures

Chloe giving her baby "booby" milk! Too cute!

My wild woman! Check out that frizz....

The most adorable face...evah evah!

Being a big boy....he always has to do it himself

So sweet...well looks can be deceiving.


Tropicalsmoochie said...

Summer... your children are just beautiful! Goodness, you are in for some trouble. Just beautiful! ;-)

Rebecca said...

It is so amazing to me to look into your children's faces and see their mother looking back. Of course a lot of their dads too! Angie is right. They are both beautiful..and you are in deep shit! ;-)

Woman on the Verge said...

I know! Chloe is "boy crazy" already...Hopefully Jack will be a bruiser and can look out for her. She's going to need it!