Friday, September 07, 2007

Is the government TRYINg to ruin the future for our children?

What with all of the Mattel toy recalls lately due to lead based paint and such and now this, which is something all mothers who are bottle feeding their babes should read now. It's truly frightening to me that the government who is supposed to be setting the standards for toys and well everything we consume, is allowing this to happen. I'm incredulous and more than a little worried. This is our children we're talking about here, not ourselves or our pets (as much as they are a part of our family, we did not give birth to them). Our kids. So what, do we boycott Mattel and the makers of those bottles? How are we to fight this and let manufacturers know that we won't stand for our children being poisoned....for their development to be challenged by the products they use to make toys that our toddlers stick in their mouths every chance they get and by the baby bottles we use to give our babies sustenance. What the fuck is going on?

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Elle said...

People should read this.