Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just some quick updates

Everything is well here besides the Grand Canyon size fissure I feel has been made in my my mind and spirit lately due to large quantities of stress. The babes are wonderful. They are definitely consistent in their attempts for world domination starting with our house. One at a time...that's my motto. They are quite a team, those two. I don't stand a chance in hell around here these days! I gave two of my friends a ride today to the mechanics and to work and back this afternoon, after only a 20 minute ride they were winded and completely astounded that I do this not only daily but ALL day long. I too am amazed sometimes by my ability to do this.

The child support thing has been handled. It is finally done and while I thought I would find some peace of mind in it's completion, I haven't. C's dad is unhappy with the results and I see the past 4 years of trying to make this work sliding right through my fingers. I have attempted to talk to him since unsuccessfully. I don't want to give up on this but at the same much more can I be expected to do?

Both of my grandmothers are sick. One is out of the woods for now with a change of medication (she was taking too many different kinds of pills). Big surprise, right? The other has been acting really strange lately. Forgetting where she has put things. She's lost all of her pots and pans, her cookie sheets, multiple bags of dog food. Her speech is getting increasingly slurred. We thought maybe she was taking too many pain pills at first but as time has gone on it's gotten to be really alarming and at a Dr.'s appt Monday he said she was probably having a series of mini strokes. Because she has had 2 big ones in the past she is on medication to prevent them and there isn't much else they can do at this point. My uncle upon initial examination is suspected to have Hodgkins Disease. They are running more tests now to find out for sure. Gaah!!!!

Like I said before, Grand Canyon size fissure.

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Tropicalsmoochie said...

Hang in there sweetie. I understand how it feels. I have a very sick Grandmother and my Grandfather has prostate cancer and is literally on his death bed as I type this. Just hang in there... and keep your head up. Hugs and kisses.