Friday, June 01, 2007


is up with with anonymous commenter's? Does saying things without having to be held accountable make snide and rude comments easier to leave? Just wondering. It seems that I have an "anonymous" commenter here that leaves scathing remarks every time I post something that's not blather and bullshit. Give it up already and come out of the freaking closet. Be held accountable for your words.

So, in response to an earlier post about friendship, I will say this. I know that in the past I have made very poor decisions about friendships. I have left people by the "wayside" and have lived to regret those choices. It is an unfortunate part of growing up and no one can say they have never done that. When you are young and have no clue about the life that stretches before you, it's easy to think things won't come back to haunt you. That regret will never happen to you. You are, after all, invinceable. It's a part of youthful ignorance and part of growing up is realizing that life isn't actually like that. Even as you get older certain choices have to made. Sometimes choices you don't want to make. It becomes neccesary for other aspects of your life that need more attention or because you are in a position and there are only two roads to choose from. One of which is to leave a friend behind. It doesn't mean that person didn't and still doesn't mean something to you, it simply had to be done. If you, anonymous commenter, know me and are one of those people, I'm truly sorry.

As an update to the post, things are okay. Sidetracking and branching out happens. New friends are made and room will be made for all. It takes work and now I know friends are worth working for.

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the weirdgirl said...

I know this will sound really harsh, but I've also left friends by the wayside... sometimes purposefully. One of those friends kept picking fights saying I "wasn't maintaining our friendship" when in reality I was just really busy... with school, work and paying my rent. Her biggest complaint was that I wasn't calling her enough. We lived in different towns and it got to the point where she was sending other friends to me with not-so-subtle "messages". But the thing was, all the maintenance was apparently supposed to come from me. So yeah, I dropped her. Sometimes life is just busy and when someone won't give you leeway for that (especially when you haven't done anything else wrong) then it isn't worth it after a while.

I dropped another friend who started off nice and then got increasingly more bitchy about how "skinny" I was. I really don't regret letting either of those friendships go.