Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Really, I've Had Enough!

This pink eye shit is awful! I got Jack up this with a gunky eye. I cleaned it off and nothing happened. No gunk. Not for an hour and a half....I got the kids ready for daycare, put them in the car and when we got there I found a nice goopy eye on Jack. Yay for Jack! Yay for me! Obviously he couldn't go to school like that, so I stayed in with him today. It was nice being alone with him. I rarely get the opportunity to spend one on one time with the babes so when I do, I love it. Granted, he was icky as hell and whiny to boot but all was good and overall I enjoyed our time together.

I look at them sometimes and think "holy hell! where did the time go?" It seems like only yesterday he was born...hell it seems like only yesterday Chloe was born. To think she'll be four in just a few months. Crazy. Crazy I tell you!

I took a voluntary day off last week to spend with Chloe. She's been more difficult than usual lately and I thought that maybe some serious girl bonding time would be the was I thinking? While we had a blast running around, going out to lunch and making friends at the park it just wasn't what I thought it would be. I realize it takes more than once and I've been trying like hell to shower the attention but nothing seems to break through. Other moms I've talked to say that this is normal and it will pass by five but HOLY SHIT! she is out of control! I actually sat on her the other day during one of her hellacious tantrums. It is the only way to keep her from harming things around her. Quite a temper, that one! It's actually been like that since she started realizing she was an individual. Just nasty's so very frustrating and exhausting. I'm running out of ideas here.

Okay, laptop battery about to die so I must to all!

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Anonymous said...

Struggling with the tantrums here too. Please post if you find a plausable solution. It seems we're in a vicious cycle right now in our house. Good luck!