Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Potty Obscure

Jack is in need of a potty chair. For about two weeks now he has been bringing me diapers and proceeded to yank his off when he needs a change. A sign if there ever was one. The first step in a forever diaper free home. Yay for me!
There was once a thought that he may not be my last child but as the months have progressed and we have moved from one stage to the next I have realized, I am done. I do not want any more kids. When the diapers are done I am done with diapers. When the sleepless nights were done, I was done with sleepless nights. I have been very fortunate to be blessed with two amazing and intelligent children. Two healthy and vibrant and beautiful children. I am willing to stop right here and let myself breath. New baby's are HARD, new toddler's are HARD and as I am now discovering three year old's are even more difficult than any of the above. Sigh...So ovaries you are worthless now. Maybe I will have a little service to say goodbye to their usefulness. Yes, I think I will.

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