Monday, February 05, 2007

It's Been A Long Time....

I haven't really blogged in a while. You know, written something. Meaningful or otherwise. I've been way too busy with work and mothering to have the energy, mentally and physically, to do anything more than blather and bullshit. So, here I sit, without a job and babies in bed so what else do I do? Oh yeah..that thing I truly enjoy. Blog!
This will probably end up being a few entries in one. I guess that's what you get with limited time though. At least it's something. Right?
First things first. JACK IS WALKING! Um hello?? Did you hear me? Walking. Yes. that's. right. Fucking walking. Look right past the joy and "oh how cute!" 's to the oh shits and what am I going to now's. I have two. Yes. One, two mobile children. Greeeaaat. Uhuh. Baby-proofing starts anew and I will need a ready supply of zanax to keep me from having a complete nervous breakdown. We currently have a goose egg the size of a quarter due to this walking business. I am officially a wreck.
If I could turn back time...
If I could find a way...
How does this happen? This time flying by with barely a breath in between birth, walking and learning to use the word fuck eloquently and in perfect context. Um yeah. That last...yeah.
On to other business.
I had a blast on my cruise! We went to Cozumel and had our "Corona commercial" moments on a beautiful beach. Seriously, it was like being in our very own Corona commercial. Complete with a little Mexicano man named Manuel bringing us beer on ice and authentic quesadillas. Mmmm. Wonderful. Then we hit Carlos and Charlies where they do a shot called the Molesto. A blast! And there will always be "Aye Phillipe!" Hot. Brazilian. Morsel. Mmmm. Okay. Yep..back to reality. We spent much time at the casinos where I lost my ass on the slot machines. Evil little bastards, I say. We danced and consumed WAAY to much alchohol. It was loverly. Quite loverly. I did spend one night passed out on the bathroom floor of our cabin, if that says anything. I say, at least I made it back to the room. It could have been a public bathroom. That drunk.
Reporting on the joblessness aforementioned. The day after I got back from my cruise and went back to work...I got fired! By. my. sister. Looong story. All I can say about right now is. Beyotch, how can you be so shallow?
I have decided in this crossroad to go to college. Me, past drug user party girl extrodinaire, going to college. **Huge sigh of happiness.** This feels soo good. This choice. I'm ecstatic. Really. Jumping right now while typing. I'm a multi-tasking fool, yo!
One more there anybody out there? No comments lately..was just wondering if anyone even read this shit anymore...


melissa_in_jax said...

I'm still reading Sum! I find in my experience that many folks read but never comment. Slackers!
I can't believe you lost your job. That sucks! What are you going to do now job-wise? Let us know if you need anything!

Rebecca said...

Still reading!

Holy cow! Walking! Mexico Fired!


My head is spinning.

I certainly always expect excitement over here at the Blog / Casa de la Summer.

mel mel said...

I believe it! Jack is a smart cookie. B is almost there. Sorry you lost your job, try to stay sane.