Thursday, February 08, 2007

Do they make muzzles for three year olds?

Cause seriously I think I need to invest. My sanity is on the line people and quickly fading. I'm actually not sure anymore if the mommy's I hear day and NIGHT are real or if they could be echos of the incessant calls for me all. day. long.'s one thing to, you know, need me. I can totally handle the needs and most of the wants. But really. Do you need a drink every 5 minutes? Do you really need me to watch you run the same path fifty million times. In a row.
Our coloring conversation tonight went something like this:

C: Mommy, what are you coloring? ( as she looking directly at my care bear coloring book)
Me: A care bear, baby.
C: Why?
Me: Beacause you asked me to color with you and I like care bears. They're cute.
C: Oh. Are there any boys in the picture?
Me: I don't think so. See, care bears aren't gender specific. There are no boys and girls per say. They're just a bunch of cute cuddly bears who love to care and share. (I thought this would be it. Usually long answers with big words are the trick to ending an interrogation)
**Side note Like the time we had a discussion about penguins and she wanted to know why there aren't penguins in our ponds. I simply said "penguins aren't indigenous to tropical climates, therefore we can't have penguins in our ponds. END OF DISCUSSION. Win for me.**
C: Why do I have 5 greens in my coloring box?
Me: They are different shades of green. Blue green, jungle green, lime green, green green, and light green.
C: I don't know which green this one is.
Me: Jungle green
C: This one.
Me: Blue green.
C: This one.
Me: This is no longer fun Chloe.
C: Can I have cookies?

This happens everyday. 5-sometimes 10 times a day. Almost every conversation with her is this. Don't get me wrong. I love that she's so curious about everything. I just can't wait until she can read some encyclopedias. And pour her own chocolate milk.

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