Friday, December 26, 2008

Cold Turkey

So, I realize it's been quite a while since I've posted. I've just been in a very weird place personally and going through some changes. Some good. Some not so good...

Back in July I finally went to a Dr for a diagnosis and for some medication/therapy. The act of going alone was enough to bring me some relief and some hope for the future. I started meds first with therapy following a month later. Through these events I came to realize a number of things about my life and decided things needed to change. I left my husband and started working on myself from the inside out.

To make a long story short, I quit taking my medication a few days ago after realizing I was suffering from medication induced anorexia. I've lost more than 20lbs since I started taking them and am now wearing a size 1. Down from an 8 back in July.

Today I started noticing strange electric jolts running down my legs. It wasn't painful or really uncomfortable, just weird. It then started in my arms as well, eventually moving to my lips and my scalp. My brain started feeling very sluggish and the jolts became annoying coming to the point now where I feel like I'm crawling out my skin accompanied by full bodied jolts and extreme agitation.

Looking online, I found out I am having withdrawal symptoms from Zoloft and Vyvanse. Fucking beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

It sucks that they don't tell you that when they prescribe it to you. The doctors just say "here you need to take this. read the bottle". Since they have to ween you off the stuff, it could take over a year to find the correct meds with the time it takes to kick in and the time it takes to come off of it.

It's too bad you're going through this with your chemistry all messed up. Hard to explain how much worse it makes things.

Try to keep focused. Good luck.