Thursday, June 12, 2008

To pose a question...

Dear readers,

When do you feel is an appropriate age to start disciplining? To start teaching our children right from wrong and the value of consequences. Both good and bad. At what age did you start and why? I'm really curious about what other moms are doing. How you handle the role as disciplinarian. I recently read a statement by another mom that 3 was too young for consequences. This actually blew my mind and I've been thinking about it ever since. So, just want to get a general consensus from people that read this blog.

Happy day to you!


Anonymous said...

Birth! lol

I couldn't imagine not having yet disciplined my child yet. She's 3 1/2 and with disciplin is pretty spunky and mouthy.

the weirdgirl said...

Yeah, I kind of think that if you wait until 3 or after that's WAY too late. I actually read a book that suggested early discipline methods starting from a little younger than 1 and on. Not spanking or anything like that, but NOT picking them up every single time they cry, recognizing when they're working you, etc. etc.

The two-year-old class at my son's preschool practices consequences and rules in their class and talks about WHY they have those rules a lot. So I figure... take a tip from the professionals.

(Personally, I think moms who say 3 is "too young" for discipline are probably getting royally worked by their kids.)

Chloe said...

Not that I'm a mom, but I value my opinion. :)

I say you start when they're in the womb "Hey, quit kicking me!"

If everyone in the house knows the ground rules from Day 1, then you have a baseline of expectations to work from.

Angie said...

My son is 15 months and I discipline him. I don't spank him, but he knows what is acceptable and what is not. Now he will still see what he can get away with (what kid doesn't)and it takes A LOT of repetition to see the slightest result. However, it is all worth it in the long run.

Anth said...

Three is too young?! No way. I started disciplining Miss E as soon as I realized she was doing things to purposefully be naughty. Now I can't remember when that was exactly, but it's been probably almost a year now! She is barely two but I want her to associate hitting with the time-out chair! I think it's really important to start teaching your kids that ALL behaviors have consequences.

Oh and ps I finally did the meme you tagged me for! :)