Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Four + One = (feels like) 8

Introducing the newest member of our ever growing brood!
Bella Ella Afrell (Ella Afrell courtesy of Lil Miss)
Her name originally was Annie, but we (she) wanted to change it so...

This is her first full day with us.

Second day. We made a trip to petco and got her this awesome mini tire chew toy.
She freakin loves it!
She's a 9 month old German import rottweiler. Absolutely sweet and timid. Completely at ease with the kids being maniacs and tugging on her. I was so nervous bringing her home because...hello!!! She's a fucking monster and only gonna get bigger! Probably 90-100 lbs. She's a rescue dog. Not from an abusive home. Her breeder brought her in to the vets office where my friends BIL works with a gun shot wound. She and a few other puppies had gotten loose and were chasing the neighbors cat so he shot her. The breeder didn't want to pay for the surgeries so Jake (the BIL) did.

I had been really wanting to get a dog and we were heading down to the humane society this week anyways to find one when...bam! We were blessed to meet her first. Already so in love with her sweet spirit! She's definitely a mama's girl!


Katia said...

Aww, congratulations on your newest babe. She looks like a love.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! What cool doggie! Congrats on your newest addition!

the weirdgirl said...

What a cutie! And from Ella Enchanted, right? (It's sad that I know that.)

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous. I remember when my baby was that tiny. My Zoie is an American Rottie. She's 5 years old and a whopping 104lbs. She acts more like the cat than she does a dog though lol.