Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh Woe is Me!

I am in the throes of Terrrrible Two hell with a very particular and extremely passionate little boy. How is it my luck to give birth to not just one but two strong willed and hard headed kids? Everything has become cause for some major tantrum throwing and frankly I feel like I am about to completely lose my fucking mind! Jack has been such a sweet baby and I've been crossing my fingers, hoping that we would transition through this stage peacefully. Haha! The joke's on me!

I remember thinking when Chloe hit this phase, that aliens must have abducted my child and replaced her with this crazy, uncommunicative beast that looked like my daughter. He won't stay in the car seat. He won't stay in the stroller. He won't sit in the grocery cart. He won't sleep. He throws his food at me. Screams at me constantly..."mammmmaaaa! Mammmmmaaaaaa! Mammmmaaaaa!" "NO, mamma! NO NO NO!" "Come her Jack" "NO!" "Let me put your shoes on Jack." "NO!" "Wanna go outside Jack?" "NO!! I WANNA GO OOSIII NOW!" "Jack, wanna eat?" "NO! I WANNA EAT EAT!"

Ok no more energy to bitch.

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