Thursday, December 06, 2007

Music for the Soul

Blind Melon - Mouthful of Cavities

I have been in love with this band for quite awhile and have always wished I had had the opportunity to see them live before the lead singer, Shannon Hoon, overdosed. Their music is so powerful and the lyrics are just amazing. So strong and fearless. When I listen to any of their albums I am immediately transported to a self-reflective state of mind. One in which so many of my thoughts and feelings are being sang to me. Explained to me from a perspective I need but could never reach on my own.

I got a call today from my good friend Delaney that they will be playing in Tallahassee tomorrow night (with a new lead singer, of course...all other band members will be present). I'm feeling very split about this. While I would love to see them, I know it won't be the same without Shannon. His voice lent so much to the music and lyrics. Melded it all together.'s a clip from one of my favorite songs by them.


the weirdgirl said...

I love Blind Melon! Though I haven't listened to them in a really long time. I should do that.

I'd go to the concert anyway. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous said...

Definately check out the show. I just saw Alice in Chains with thier new singer and was blown away. Sometimes change is good.