Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Post to Vent Before the Disney Post

I started the week with the expectation of Lil Miss Priss coming home from her extended stay in Orlando with her dad with an extreme attitude brought on by exhaustion. She got home late Monday night and after an easy bed time, I readied myself for the following days antics. They never came. At least they never came yesterday. Today now is a different story.

She crawled into bed with us at around 1am. A pretty normal thing. She likes to sleep with us and after we have gotten to sleep I have no problem with her coming to snuggle up for the remainder of the night. The only real issue with it, is that she doesn't sleep well sandwiched between me, Hubs and kitty. Charvin being the main culprit of restless nights due to his incessant need for head cuddling at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, and so on. This is no regular head cuddle either. It is an in your face with LOUD purrs, a biscuit making contest in your hair, with a final wrap around your head to position himself just so that his mouth is in your ears to purr and drool. Lots and lots of fucking drool. It's similar, I assume, to be licked in your ear by a St. Bernard. All night long.

Anyways. Not getting a good nights sleep royally fucks up her Highness's day. *She would like to not require a lot of sleep. Hell, she would like to not require it at all but unfortunately for her, she does. So the list goes: Three days at Disney, home late the last night, extreme excitement over a new bike last night, rough sleep last night and an early (730am) wake up. (not early for her...she's usually up at the ass crack of freakin dawn. See * above to explain.) I think she feels she might miss something exciting at 11pm or 7am. Nothing to see here folks! Just a couple of "old marrieds" snoring away. Sorry, I digress. Again.

The result of all these things is her acting like a complete maniac. Thinking she can tell me "no" in a not nice at all tone of voice. Feeling compelled to argue everything like she's a lawyer in a high profile murder trial. And above all, the whining that accompanies these moods. I can do the "no" thing. I can argue like anyone's business. But the whining? I can't deal. It pushes this button in my head that causes a relentless screaming siren. She whined pretty much all day long and when she starts, Jack starts. She cries, he cries. One temper, two temper, three temper, four. Which one of my kids will be the first to hit the floor.

So, here I sit with a bottle of red wine-Miss Priss exits the building, asks for a snack. Me: "Did you eat all your dinner? (A long standing rule. To get a snack, must eat all of your dinner)
C: " No. Yes. I just wanna s n a c k....." Me " If you didn't eat your dinner, you don't get a snack." C: "But I want one. I was tired at dinner. Now I'm hungry." Me: "I'm sorry. You should have eaten your dinner." C: "Well I'm getting a snack right now" The hell you are. This literally JUST happened. There's more to the dialogue but I'm just too mentally exhausted to go on. So I won't.

Disney pics tomorrow. I promise.


Anonymous said...

LOL, Charvin...

Chloe Rhea said...

Hang in there, Babe. A few days back on schedule and she will be over the psycho-queen-of-the-world routine and back to normal hell-raiser you have come to love. :)

Love you,