Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I can't remember...

ever being so tired in my life. Well, that's not exactly true. After Jack was born and didn't sleep...ever ever, I was more tired than ever in my life but this rivals it. I've been eating healthy and taking good vitamins, I just haven't been sleeping well at all and the kids are so damn energetic. They never stop!

Jack had a doctors appointment today which went really well. He's healthy as a horse and smart as hell. She was amazed by his energy. His communication skills. Mostly his energy. Lil Miss was in rare form today, sitting quietly reading books while he was getting checked out. The only time she got upset was when the doctor was checking out his penis and balls. He did not like that at all, the squeezing of his testicles and neither did Chloe. She told the doctor to leave her brothers pee pee alone, those are HIS private parts ya know....Glad to see my genital education is paying off! Ha ha!!

I've just had to cease giving them baths together which really cramps my schedule but hey, I knew it would happen eventually. She's very good about not grabbing and poking him anymore. It's him. He has recently learned the word for that body part and is very demonstrative and vocal about it. He also has realized his sisters is different than his and likes to poke at hers more together bath time.

I've been feeling stir crazy lately. I've realized how much I need to find some mommy friends with similar interests and ideas as me. I've had some bad experiences at play groups and even at parks trying to meet new mommy friends and play friends for the kids. I'm just not into spending time with competi-mommies and women who, well you know. Those kinds of women. It's not a need just for me but for my kids as well. I've checked out different websites for groups around town, gone to the park to "pick" them up...what else can I do? Any suggestions?


kevin said...

Yeah, I freaking hate those parents who judge you if you don't feed your kids at least 12 small carrots a day! I mean WTF, fries are a good source of vegetables some times too! and EXCUSE me if I don't carry an emergency band-aid in my back pocket. I'm not a perfect parent and neither are they, so they can kiss my "I don't measure out every damn bottle of milk I feed my kid" ass!

Oh, and good on Lil Miss for standing up for her lil bro! you go girl!

Angie said...

I wish I had some suggestions. I'm going through the exact same thing here in Madison. I think it's just women in general (at least the one's I run into). Why do they have to be so damn catty? If you figure anything out... let a girl know! It's ashame I don't live in Jax any longer.

Chloe Rhea said...

My friends who are mommies find like-minded mothers and kids in interest groups. For instance, they have made great bonds through La Leche League, Natural Living Groups, Organic Food Co-ops. I would say think about your interests and find like-minded families through groups that are already getting together.