Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Having One of THOSE Weeks

I know, I know. It's only Wednesday and I'm already having a bad week.....bad news. It's one of those weeks where the days are running together with the constant cleaning, cooking, ass-wiping, laundry,book reading, hostage negotiator. You get the point. I could say I'm bored but can I really be bored with all of the above mentioned to tend to daily? The answer is...yes. Yes I can. Especially since I've been trying to get Hurricane Chloe to clean her room all week.

Let me tell you. I'm so close to giving up on trying to get her to keep it clean. I have tried EVERYTHING. I have bagged up toys and stored them in the garage, she and I have bagged up toys to take to Salvation Army to donate (she hated that), she has sat in her room for a full day only coming out to eat just so she would clean her room! Nothing has worked. My latest attempt involves not going anywhere or doing anything even remotely fun until her room is clean. It has not worked. We have sat here all week staring at each other while I tell Jack very loudly that we wouldn't have to be bored if Chloe would just clean. her. room.

She is old enough to do it. In fact she does a great job when she finally decides to. It apparently just takes an act of God because nothing I do or say has any effect whatsoever. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on that.

I am very curious how so many stay-at-home mom's keep from going bat shit crazy. Is it a day packed full of adventure so the kids are always entertained? I would love to do that but right now it's so insanely hot the only outside activity that's even somewhat bearable is swimming and in 95-100 degree temps even that is miserable. Pool water is like bath water in Florida.

I've become a little disgruntled with the monotony of my days recently. It is probably largely the fault of my self-imposed exile. But do we do it day in and day out? Day in and day out without losing our sanity? I'm having a difficult time with it. Don't get me wrong. I love being able to stay home with my kids. Do I love every second, every minute of it? Hell no! But I do love it on a whole. They're amazing kids and wildly entertaining with their antics...they certainly keep me laughing!

I don't know..this was mostly just a rant to unleash some pissiness.

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the weirdgirl said...

I stay sane by having way too many fucking personal projects going on. There's no way I can complete everything and it IS another insanity... but otherwise I'd go stark raving mad.

There was a reason those 50s moms were all doped up on martinis and goofballs.