Saturday, March 03, 2007

Playing "mommy"

Yesterday morning when I dropped the kids off at school, the director pulled me aside and said she needed to "talk" to me. My first reaction was, "oh no. What's wrong.." She said nothing was wrong, per say, but she and Chloe's teacher had some concerns about some recent behavior. Okay....what kind of concerns? What kind of behavior? This past week she was caught trying to help another little boy button up his pants. When asked what she was doing, she replied "playing mommy". Okay, understandable. Later she was caught trying to pull down another boy's pants....when told she couldn't play mommy like that she replied, "i'm done playing mommy for now. I'm playing doctor!" Even later in the week she was playing outside when she pulled her pants and panties around her ankles, laid down in the dirt and started moaning and groaning. When reprimanded and questioned about what she was doing the reply was "playing mommy" and no firther questions were asked of her. They didn't know what was going on and were understandably concerned.

I've had some talks with the director about my "hippie" views on some things. My organic views on eating, meditation and my freedom in raising my children. She was laughing her ass off when she said "I realize you're very earthy and in touch with things most find strange....but maybe it's time to stop rolling around naked in the dirt in front of the kids!" She wasn't being serious, just funny and it really was funny....For the record, I do not roll around naked in the dirt!

That afternoon when I picked them up from school, I had a long talk with Chloe. The helping to button up the boy's pants...."I understand what you were trying to do but you can't do those things. What is under the pants is private. It's special and private and you can't go around trying to look at other people's special places...k?" "Okay, mommy." "You can't go around pulling down other people's pants either. Their special places are just for them...You may be curious but you can't do that. If you have some questions, you can ask me." "Okay, mommy." At this point she looked terrified. Like she was in trouble so I had to reassure her. "You're not in trouble, honey. You didn't do anything really wrong. You just don't know what is and isn't appropriate. Trying to put things down or trying to pull down another's clothes is inappropriate. As far as rolling around in the dirt with your pants down, that is a no no. Your special place is yours and only yours. You may not mind if other people see it now but you will some day and until then it's my job as your mommy to make sure you keep your pants on in front of other people, k? Your private parts are just that, Chloe. Private. Please don't take your clothes off in front of other people again....please. Please! Please!" "I'm not in trouble?" "No baby...just be sure you don't do things like that anymore.." "Okay mommy. Can I have some gum?"


melissa_in_jax said...

You handled that very well. I think I might have died of embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Truly awesome.