Monday, February 19, 2007

The Puke of it all....

Little Miss Priss is sick sick sick. There has been a nasty stomach bug going around lately. It started with the baby room at daycare and has now moved on to us at home. Yay! I had it Saturday but it only lasted a few hours with me. Unfortunately my little angel cakes always gets hit hard with stomach bugs. When she was about a yr old she got a roto-virus that wiped her out completely. We visited the doctor numerous times to get shots for anti nausea. The highlight of that particular episode was the first day before I knew she was sick, I fed her blueberry yogurt. Not so pretty coming back up. It was purple curds all. over. the. place. The walls. The doors. The couch and the coup de grace, in my mouth. Yep. I was holding her, rocking her and she bolted up and exploded neon purple curds in my mouth. I immediately puked all over her. Take that roto-virus.
So far today I have been puked on twice and have managed to catch a fair amount in my poor wittle hands. Ewww.
Hopefully the throw up will end soon. She is miserable.


Rebecca said...

"Take that roto-virus!"

This had me in stitches!

Sorry Chloe's sick. It blows.I hope she's better soon.

Today was the first day Normy didn't have diaper defying diarrhea, the roto-virus is for the birds.

the weirdgirl said...

Ah yes, the projectile puke in the memory. Lovely memory. (I've blocked what it tasted like.)