Tuesday, January 16, 2007

There is never any time........

You know, I really love this blog. I love reading other people's blogs and getting to know all kinds from all over the world but lately there just isn't any time. I think of amazing posts to write. Formulate them, perfect them in my mind but when I get home from work and finally get the kiddies down, there's just nothing left of me. Thoughts are fleeting and doing more than grunting is difficult sometimes.

I LOVE my new job. It's always busy. Peaks my interest. I get to learn every day.....but when the day is done, I am mentally and physically exhausted. It's now tax season and my perfect schedule has turned into a nightmare. I was working Mon-Thurs 9-5. Now it's Mon-Thurs 8-6 and Fri 8-5 and starting in February, every other Sat. Major difference...thankfully it only lasts for about 4 months. (and I'm going on a cruise with my girls at the end of the month!!! so I'll get some much needed rest.) Hooray for Cozumel...I love you!

The babes are growing up sooo fast. Chloe is a lil lady now with an independent attitude to boot. And Jack will a year old in less than 2 months! One. Year. Old. FUCK. They'll be driving soon dammit.

Well, out of time. As usual. I promise more posts with deeper meaning than everyday blather are forthcoming. Really. It may be a couple of months before I can manage anything good but it will be. Yes, it will be.

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