Saturday, October 21, 2006

There are Those That are Fearless

My three year old daughter is quite possibly the bravest soul I've ever met...She is the one person in my life not afraid to piss me off. When I get that steely look in my eyes, the ones that says "I mean business, shut the fuck up now or your ego will leave this altercation sorely bruised", most people (the ones that know me well and some that can just recognize bitch when they see it, run for the hills. I have been known to have a sharp, ruthless tongue and anyone that has been in it's path knows better. Not Chloe. Well, not that she doesn't know...she just doesn't care. She returns "the look" with one of her own. One that very closely mirrors mine. She is fearless when it comes to facing me down, to pushing the limits of my sanity...and she comes back for more consistantly. This girl is TOUGH, I tell you. She has balls of steel and while this at times, infuriates me to no end, I applaud her strength and tenacity. This quality can take her far in life if channeled correctly. God help us all though. There's a storm a'brewin in the Pickard house and we're still ten years from adolescence....To put it bluntly. I'm fucked folks. If she is already this determined to rebel against everything I say, what will she be like as a teen? Visions of myself during these years are keeping me awake at night.

During my bouts of sleeplessness, I like to watch her peacefully slumber. Not only is the only time she is still enough to see her (mostly she's a blur, a blip on the radar as she speeds around bouncing off of walls) but at these times I can appreciate her. I can look at her beautiful face without wanting to scream because she, for just a few hours, isn't looking at me like she will do anything to make me crazy.

Someone should inform this girl that her mother is a badass and she needs to back down....or someone needs to inform me it's actually the other way around.


melissa_in_jax said...

I'm envisioning clash of the titans....
Thanks for reminding me I could never handle parenthood. LOL

the weirdgirl said...

I live in fear that one day I'll have a daughter with my will and my husband's tendency towards illogic while fighting (verbally, I mean).