Monday, September 04, 2006

Where have the titles to my posts gone? There is no longer a place to title it. I am UNHAPPY with all that has happened with this blogger beta bullshit. Anyhow.

Life is moving on here at my parents house although with each day that passes I am wishing more and more for my own place for my little family. It's been tough on us all but I think especially tough on my daughter. The whole seperation from my husband and sharing a room with myself and her little brother is taking it's toll. Thank goodness she went to spend a long weekend with her dad. Besides the fact that she needs him around so much more now, it also gives her a chance to have something more like her own space. Even if it is for a short time. Hopefully we'll be moving out soon and we can all have our own room again. Mommy needs some space! It'll all work out though (I'm crossing my fingers here).

More later. I'm feeling emotionally drained.

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